38) On a mission

Morning All. Just a quick one to update you on the visit to urology yesterday. My PSA was undetectable, which means I’m officially in remission. The doc suggested I should still take it easy, as it will take maybe a year to get back to normal, so no super physical hard labour, but otherwise I can do what I want.

Use it or lose it, so need to keep up the Kegel exercises that I seem to have let slip of late, and of course keep polishing the old lad. I can already see my face in it, and am developing one arm like Popeye, but hey, it’s medically ordered rehabilitation.

My PSA levels will now become the focal point of my life. Essentially, the longer it stays low the better. If it rises quickly, that’s bad. Every 12 weeks I see the urologists for 2 years, with maybe 6 monthly appointments toward the end of the 2 years, and then if all remains good, busted back to super gp for her to keep an eye on me. If it creeps up, then salvage radiotherapy awaits.

I will keep writing, but we are likely to go off tangent a little, as medically, there will not be a great deal to discuss. I hope you will all stay with me. Don’t forget, that I’m just the one bloke who was saved via screening. It wasn’t that bad. Many more will slip through the net. A big shout out to the others who are still on the scary parts of their journey’s. Take the small wins and celebrate them. Probably should take the drugs as well.

Mothers, send your sons, daughters send your fathers, wives send your husbands. Save some lives – have a finger up the bum! And a little prick too.

In your arm.

5 thoughts on “38) On a mission

  1. Well that’s just bloody wonderful news to see whilst on a busy night shift in triage on Labour Ward!!!!! You’ve put a great big smile on my face. Such lovely news stef. Onwards and Upwards and all that!!!!! Love to you all xxxxxxx

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  2. Great news. Finger’s crossed it stays that way. My doc also said no hard labour, which specifically included washing the cars. Needless to say, even with two teenagers in the house, the cars haven’t been washed since my op! I guess I’ll have to harden up a bit more and do them myself now… or maybe he was pulling our legs.

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