25) Not dead yet

It’s done. I made it. Still nil by mouth. Blood pressure a bit low. Feel like I’ve been kicked in the guts by an elephant. I have a seven incisions, two drains and a catheter, that ironically makes me feel like I’m desperate for a piss, despite not having to go for a piss. A sick joke. I have three iv lines in and these fancy leg massagers on each calf. Presumably to stop me getting clots. I have wonderful nurses, by their own admission.

I broke the ECG machine, and used up all the stock of Endone and Temgesic. I am only allowed free fluids, they declined my request for Merlot and gave me Milo instead.

The doc told me my scans from last week were clear, so I guess, I’m probably cured! Woo hoo! I don’t feel cured though. Let’s wait and see what histopathology say first.

But anyway, thanks for all the support. I’ll keep you posted.

Ps no boner this morning, and no apparent cock shrinkage, although my ball bag is four times it’s usual size.

18 thoughts on “25) Not dead yet

  1. Such positivity and humour as always even though you are laid up in a hospital bed! Fabulous news! Take care Stef x Lits I’d love being sent your way ❀️

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  2. Seven incisions , hope they don’t itch and that you are already on the mend.
    Stef you will probably defy science and grow an extra dick.
    That was just a sick attempt at humour.
    Seriously I wish you a really safe recovery and it’s brill to hear that all other scans clear.
    Hurray for your cure. Stef , Katy I send my love to you all !!

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  3. Ball sack!

    Even without operation porn, I’ll still be a groupie though, now you’ve almost got a six pack on that newly svelte body of yours. (Or is that the young guy in the next bed?)

    Brilliant news all round.
    You’re a total inspiration.
    Carpe Diem.

    Ball sack.

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  4. Brilliant news, I have really enjoyed your blog and I have to say as I scrolled down I was preparing myself for the ball sack πŸ˜‚. Hope you continue to keep us all posted on life after surgery, this will be equally important to all those guys out there you are inspiring. Take care.

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