6) Thanks!

Thank you all for the support so far!  At the very least, Cancer stops our lives in it’s tracks for a while, at it’s worst it kills us and our loved ones.  We all know someone who had it, someone with it, some of us reading will almost certainly get it.  The effects are wide ranging.  The toll on our health being the most obvious, but it affects our minds, probably more so than our bodies, it faffs with your finances, fucks around our families, changes priorities and changes life. New directions, wrong directions even.  And you have no choice. It’s like getting in to the back seat of a stolen car with some random weirdo driving, and the child locks on.  Exhilarating, frightening, unknown, and ultimately dangerous, with a high probability of a sad ending, and in my case, a wet seat.

Anyway, that said, I relish the challenge and will be happy to share my misadventure through out.  I think I’m resilient enough to bear my soul to the internet, after all, plenty people have beared more than that on-line.   Please share the blog.  Awareness, is great, but everyone wants to make people aware of cancer.  I wan’t to ridicule it. Publicly. I’m a nurse.  I want to make people better. With my blog, I want to make people happy, provide a bit of light relief.  Shuffle off this earth with a smile on your face.  Meet your maker in a pink cock shaped coffin if you like.  Cough up your lungs, safe in the knowledge that some English bloke in Australia has just had 3 medical students line up to have a feel of his prostate, via his arse, and is now grading them out of ten.  To their face.  Whatever it takes.  Don’t feel bad if you aren’t in the cancer club.  All illnesses accepted.  If your hearts had it, and your lungs are shot, join in.

Please use the comments.  The more feedback I get, the more energy I have to keep writing.  If I don’t know you, say hello, share your story.  Best wishes, to current and future friends.  Stefan


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4 thoughts on “6) Thanks!

  1. Brilliantly written and with a touch of humour, this will have a massive impact on those going through similar times, although I know your a fighter and will beat this , fantastic .
    Loving reading , I think your second career ( working even less hours) has now become apparent

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